Bold Macarons is the creation of Jorge Schuhmacher, who started experimenting with macarons in the early 2000s as a way of sharing treasured memories of Paris with friends and family. Some years later, the end of corporate life opened the opportunity to fully realize the creativity and range of Bold Macarons.

Inspired by the great French pastry chef Pierre Hermé, drawing on the artisanal traditions of Argentina and nurtured by the culinary traditions of northern Italy, Jorge began experimenting with flavors and techniques in earnest. Forays into the exacting creativity of modernist cuisine, and a serious study of photography and form helped to further his craft.

The result: macarons for the bold, for those excited by flavors, drawn to unexpected combinations, a perfect texture and the unique delight of relishing a superb macaron.

For questions, orders, or just talk macarons, reach Jorge anytime at